The real price of a cheap ghostwriting work

If you want to save, you may pay more later

Some companies take advantage of the inexperience, insecurity, and naivety of student clients: since price is the only obvious feature of the service (and the potentially poor quality may not be revealed until after payment), customers often choose the cheapest vendors – what But sometimes it can prove to be a costly failure: Because the business model of low-cost providers is to generate the income over the mass: many customers, many writers – and a large advertising budget, on the one hand the customer must pay, and on the other hand to Google or Facebook flows while the authors have to make do with a very low wage. The result: In order to produce as many pages as possible as quickly as possible, there will be some help, so there will be copy and paste, it will be reformulated, translated, it will find components of old work, etc. etc.

Hardly handle fraud

Customers who are finally presented with such a work, legally have little chance to assert themselves: Because the contracts are designed in favor of the agencies, moreover, the limits of shame or the need for discretion ensures that hardly anything penetrates to the outside, which could harm these agencies , Nobody likes to talk about embarrassing failures, moreover: Where should criticism of the company be expressed if it is not to go under in the background of the Internet? If you do not receive the promised service or you do not receive it, the lowest price is too high, especially as the problem, such as time pressure, persists. In this case, the performance of an agency (this time a reputable!) Must be claimed, and paid to the low-cost “apprenticeship” is lost in any case.

Do it right!

So if you want to save time, nerves and money, should compare the offers and also apply the common sense: Who prefers an agency that has long been on the market, the relationship of trust with their employees has grown over years and decades, and the even decent fees pays, receives a much better text – free of copy and paste and plagiarism free.