Ghostwriter and the positive reviews

As a rule, ghostwriting clients want discretion regardless of whether the service met their expectations or not.

The interest of the companies

Companies, as well as their customers, have an interest in the effective implementation of the exchange text / copy / advice on money. In addition, they are interested in getting positive reviews to make it easier to recruit new customers.

However, the Internet has already created a flourishing market with counterfeit valuations – and there are also special providers or “ghostwriters” who help a questionable company achieve a better reputation.

Certainly the question arises as to why a client should risk his anonymity, why to draw attention to himself and his “alien feathers”, why praise a company in the highest tones, which was an “insider tip” for him? An insider’s tip that he wants to draw attention to the student competition?

Presumably, the answer should be sobering, as customers are usually anxious not to talk about a ghostwriting job, their IP and e-mail address not divulge, in order not to wake “sleeping dogs”.

Everything’s great, are you all right?

Where do the countless and extremely positive reviews with which some ghostwriting companies want to mask their sometimes very poor quality come from? It can be assumed that some of their own writers were at work here or even appropriate jubilee service providers were commissioned to produce the required ratings on request. With alternating style, with partly deliberately faulty grammar – but always with full marks – a company image is built, which is far removed from the reality and the workday. Anyone who understands even the basic economic connections, knows that suppliers can not compete in quality and price at the same time: Especially in the academic field quality means a very high amount of time, which – should be used to competent forces – also be rewarded.

On the other hand, companies that attract low prices will attract only those writers who, due to their lack of qualifications, can not expect a better offer – all in all, no good prerequisites for scientific work!